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Can you tell me your feeling of Naruto Team Hebi Cosplay Cloak?We can share opinions with other people.Some people said that the Clock was in good quality,they loved it very much.Some people argued that the Clock would be better when it's shorter.So what do you think of the Hebi Cosplay?

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Nice Zakuro Cosplay

Find some Nice Zakuro Cosplay photos ,share with you ~

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Inuyasha Cosplay

Inuyasha Cosplay

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Touhou Project Character Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet[3] (フランドール・スカーレット Furandōru Sukāretto?, alternate spelling Frandre Scarlet,[4] Frandle Scarlet)
Species: Vampire
Ability: Destruction of any and everything
Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
Theme Song: U.N. Owen Was Her?
Title: The Devil's Little Sister

Extra stage boss. Remilia's little sister, sealed away in the basement of the mansion for 495 years because of her destructive power. Despite this, she likes her sister and doesn't usually try to escape. Most vampires hold back somewhat when fighting humans, as they plan to keep them alive and feed from them later, but Flandre was always fed prepared dishes and does not know her food comes from humans. Thus, when fighting them, she does not hesitate and incinerates them without a second thought. In dōjinshi, she is very fond of Marisa and is often portrayed as somewhat crazy for being locked up for so long.
Her theme music, "U.N. Owen Was Her?", is a popular Internet meme and has inspired hundreds of remixes, most notably a video which has Ronald McDonald sing the song using clips from Japanese McDonald's commercials

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曹格(1979年7月9日-),本名曹伯豪,是馬來西亞一位華語流行與創作歌手。曹格是客家人,出生於馬來西亞沙巴州的古打毛律(Kota Belud)。

2000年06月 《曹格同名專輯-Gary》

2006年01月26日 《首張創作專輯格格-Blue》

2006年12月29日 《Superman超級男聲》


《只有你》 [ 郭富城 / Ask For More ] (1999)
《我了》 [ 郭富城 / Ask For More ] (1999)
《我的問題你沒回答》 [ 郭富城 / Ask For More ] (1999)
《不要害怕》 [ 黃品源 / 感謝情人 ] (2003)
《大女人主義》 [ S.H.E. / Super Star ] (2004)
《睫毛彎彎》 [ 王心凌 / Cindi with U ](2005)
《星星之火》 [ S.H.E. / 不想長大 ](2005)
《突然牽手》 [ 黃俊源 / My First Album ] (2006)
《梁山伯與茱麗葉》 [ 卓文萱 / 習慣 ] (2006)
《月兒亮彎彎》 [ 伊能靜 / Princess A ] (2006)
《幸福獵人》 [ 羅志祥 / SPESHOW ] (2007)
《I Still Believe》 [ 徐若瑄 / Vivi and... ] (2007)
《晚安,寶貝》 [ 張棟樑 / 王子 ] (2007)
《快樂地圖Let's go!》 [ 曹格+張敬軒+衛蘭 / 2007太陽計劃活動主題曲 ] (2007)
《一眼瞬間》 [ 張惠妹+蕭敬騰 / STAR ] (2007)
《微多莉亞的秘密》 [ 張惠妹 / STAR ] (2007)
《採花賊》 [ 溫嵐 / 熱浪 ] (2007)

娛協獎最佳新人獎 -《笑我笨》
新加坡第六屆全球華語歌曲排行榜 - 馬來西亞傑出歌手 -《格格Blue》
TVB8金曲榜最佳新人金獎 -《格格Blue》
馬來西亞娛協獎 - 最佳製作獎 -《少年》, 十大原創歌曲獎 -《姑娘》, 十大原創歌曲獎 -《少年》, 十大原創歌曲獎國際組 -《睫毛彎彎》
臺灣K.K.BOX頒獎禮 - 最佳新人獎
廣州金曲金榜 - 最佳新人獎金獎
Super Woman 獲得"年度十大金曲"

加拿大至HIT中文歌曲排行榜 - 全國推崇男新人
新城國語力 - 男歌手獎,最佳演繹獎,國語力歌曲獎 - 《3-7-20-1》,熱爆K歌獎 - 《兩隻戀人》
香港第六屆全球華語歌曲排行榜 - 馬來西亞傑出歌手

許瑋倫 Freedom / 許瑋倫歌曲集 (2004)
光良 少年 / 童話 (2005)
卓文萱 梁山伯與茱麗葉 / 習慣 (2006)
徐若瑄 I Still Believe / 最愛是V (2007)
張敬軒, 衛蘭 快樂地圖Let's go!/ 2007太陽計劃活動主題曲 (2007)